koopman rare art

An Imposing German Silver Horse Drawn Carriage

Silver & semi-precious stones
Probably Hanau late 19th Century
41 in. (104 cm.) long; 21 ½ in. (54.5 cm.) high

Additional Images

The carriage drawn by four prancing horses, the sides of the carriage pierced with troops of playful monkeys, the raised back of the carriage chased with foliage around a monkey atop a cartouche with raised inscription 'L'imperadore del giornoe disegnato ed eseguito e da lugagnola da Iesui erialto veneria MVXCIIII', the carriage itself containing five figures, their 16th century costumes set with turquoise, pearls and paste, one figure seated on a throne holding a whip, and to his right, a man beating another who tries to protect his bowed head, whilst to his left, a man steps on top of a barrel as he prepares to leap from the edge while supported by a further man holding a bottle, the carriage with a projecting seat at front supported by two elaborate foliate scrolls terminating in griffin heads upon which is seated a driver in plumed hat, the whole on a red velvet-covered wooden base mounted with profuse floral decoration and borders chased alternately with fleur de lys and pierced ovolos.