An Important Pair of Royal Wine Coolers

Joseph Preedy

A 17th Century German Gold, & Jewelled Couchant Horse and Hound Pendant, circa 1650

A Magnificent Royal Pair of Figural Candlesticks made for the Duke of York

Edward Farrell

An Extremely Rare ‘Unicorn Tapestry’ Brooch Cartier, late 1930s


A Bold Rocaille Coffee Jug

Paul de Lamerie

An 18th Century Mosaic of a Leopard

A 19th century turquoise and diamond strap bracelet, circa 1850

A Magnificent Two-Handled Cup & Cover

Paul de Lamerie

A yellow diamond and diamond ring, circa 1930

A French Gold and Enamel Box

Jean-Baptiste François Cheret

A Beautifully Modelled Pair of French Silver Pheasants with Cabochon Sapphire Eyes

A Superb 19th Century Mosaic of Peasants at Work on the Farm

A German Gold and Enamel Box

Three Early 18th Century Light House Casters

John Sutton

A Classic Diamond Rivière Necklace 1960s

A Diamond Gypsy Ring, Early 20th Century

An Irish Wolf Hound Stirrup Cup

James Barclay Hennell

A Pink Sapphire and Diamond Gypsy Rin

Pair of Diamond and Coloured Diamond Earrings

A Pair of Extraordinarily Sized Candlesticks

Edward Gibson

Pair of diamond earrings, Paris


An Art Deco Unheated Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring, France, Circa 1920

An Edwardian Figural Centrepiece

Elkington & Co

An 18th Century Swiss Gold & Enamel Box

An 18th Century German Gold Mounted Agate Box

An 18th Century Plaque of the Temple of Sybil at Tivoli Falls

A German Early 19th Century Gold & Enamel Snuff Box

A Swiss Early 19th Century Gold & Enamel Snuff Box

An Early 19th Century Micromosaic Gold Mounted Snuff Box

A German 18th Century Gold & Bloodstone Box

An Italian Gold Mounted Green Porphyry Box with Micromosaic of Finches

An Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring, Circa 1930

A Vari-Coloured Gold & Agate Snuff Box

Charles Ouizille

Three yellow sapphire, emerald and diamond brooches, 'Abeille'

Van Cleef & Arpels

Parure, Federico Buccellati


An Early 19th German Century Gold & Enamel Toothpick Box

An Elegant Antique Diamond Rivière Circa 1900

Aventurine quartz and cultured pearl bracelet, ‘Twist’

Van Cleef & Arpels

A Mid-Century diamond collar, 1950s

A Victorian Pair of Candelabra

Robert Garrard II

An Important Pair of Emerald & Diamond Ear Clips

René Boivin

A Pair of Scottish Abalone Silver Mounted Dishes on Stands

Hamilton's & Co.

A Fine Ascos Jug

William Elliott

A Late Victorian Moonstone, Ruby and Diamond Pendant Circa 1900

A Fine Pair of Waiters

John Tuite

An Important Victorian Emerald and Diamond Ring, circa 1890

An Elegant Pair of Swan Candlesticks

John Bridge

A Fine Early Art Deco Onyx and Diamond Bracelet Paris, circa 1918


A French lacquered gold-mounted snuffbox,

Pair of Fin-de-Siècle Art Nouveau Gold and Diamond Cufflinks, Circa 1900

A German 19th Century Blood Stone and Gold Cage-Work Box

An Art Deco Table Clock


A Floral Swiss Gold & Enamel Box

Diamond Chain Necklace


An Exquisite 18th Century German Large Table Snuff Box

A Sapphire and Diamond 'Forget-Me-Not' Ring, Cartier New York, Circa 1960


A French 18th Century Gold Box

An Opulent Pair of Mid-Century Diamond Pendent Ear Clips

A German 19th Century Gold and Enamel Box

Frères Jordan

A Pair of Amethyst, Topaz and Diamond Earrings

A 20th Century Rock Crystal Silver-Gilt Mounted Cup formed as a Model of a Bird

A 17th Century Commonwealth Wine Goblet

An art deco diamond line bracelet, circa 1920

An 18th Century Tea Caddy

Abraham Portal

A Rare Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Ring, Ellis Brothers, Canada, circa 1925

A Set of Four 18th Century Irish Cast Candlesticks

A George III ‘Warwick’ Cruet Stand

Alexander Johnston

An Exceptional Diamond Longchain France, circa 1915

An Early 19th Century ‘Teniers’ Teapot

Edward Farrell

A Massive Victorian Monteith Bowl

Sebastian Garrard

A Sapphire and Diamond 'Forget-Me-Not' Ring, Cartier New York, Circa 1960


A Pair of 19th Century Sculptural Wine Ewers

Hunt & Roskell

An Exceptional George II Epergne Centrepiece

John Edwards II

A Fine and Rare Antique Diamond ring Early 19th century

A 19th Century German Model of a Royal Stag


A Regency Eight-Bottle Cruet

Paul Storr

A Set of Four French Silver-Gilt Dishes

Jean-Charles Cahier

Paul Storr, Silver Knives tray, 1812

Paul Storr

A Magnificent Set of Four 'Cauldron' Salt Cellers

Paul Storr

A Mid Century Art Deco-style Brownish-Yellow Diamond Ring

An Exceptional Modernist Ewer of Distinguished Design

Ian Calvert

A Set of Four Magnificent Campana-Form Wine Coolers

Benjamin Smith III

A Pair of Stylish Art Deco Diamond Clip Brooches and Bangle Cartier, London, circa 1935


A Coburg Pattern Flatware Service

George Adams

A Pair of Stylish Art Deco Diamond Clip Brooches and Bangle


A Demi-Fluted Two-Handled Cup & Cover

Robert Sharp

Forms from a Garden

Alan Reynolds

A Pair of Landscapes, of “Port Grimaud” & “St Tropez”

Serge Menjidsky

An Early 18th Century Monteith Bowl

Thomas Parr I

A Set of Four Candlesticks

John Schofield

A Set of Twelve Soup Plates

Richard Sibley

A German Gold-Mounted Rock Crystal Box

An Irish Loving Cup

Charles Leslie

A French Masterpiece in the High Japonisme Style


A Pair of Regency Silver Two-Light Candelabra

Paul Storr

An Exceptional Group of Italian Micro-mosaics

A 19th Century French Gold & Enamel Snuff Box

A Splendid Set of Four Corinthian Column Candlesticks

Edward Wakelin

A Naturalistically Modelled Cow Creamer

John Schuppe

A English 'Bullet' Teapot

George Wickes

A Monumental Cast Grapevine and Shell Bordered Salver

Philip Rundell

An Elegant Pair of Fluted Rim Salvers

Paul de Lamerie

A Set of Four Silver-gilt Sugar Vases with Covers and Sugar Sifters

William Elliott

A Royal Sideboard Dish

John Edwards II

An Exquisite Rococo Sauceboat

Frederick Kandler

A German Gold & Enamel Snuff Box

A Set of Four Grape and Vine Wine Coasters

William Elliott & Joseph William Story

A Pair of Platinum and Diamond Hoop Earrings, circa 1920

An Early English Tumbler Cup

A Suite of Twenty-Four Dinner and Soup Plates

An Inkstand made for the Lord Chancellor of England

Simon Pantin

An Elegant Pair of Bucket Wine Coolers

John Schofield

An Art Deco Coral and Diamond Ring

A French 19th Century Jardinère

Andre Aucoc

A Sapphire, pearl and gold pendant

Seated Woman Holding Child

Henry Moore

A Set of Four Square Salvers

Paul de Lamerie

A Massive German Table Nef

A Gilt Bronze & Enamel Planter on Stand

Ferdinand Barbedienne

A Superb Pair of Candlesticks

William Cattell

A Refined Two-Handled Tray

Samuel Godbehere & Edward Wigan

A Large Dish Marked Rundell, Bridge and Rundell

Digby Scott & Benjamin Smith

An Early English Sweet Meat Dish

A French Vari-Colour Oval Gold Box

Charles le Bastier (fl. 1754-83)

A Monumental Kettle on Lampstand

Wiener Werkstätte

A French Round Gold Box

René-Antoine Bailleul

A French Three Colour Gold Box

Pierre Francois Royer

A Pierced Three-Piece Garniture Set

John Wakelin & William Taylor

A French Late 18th Century Gold, Enamel & Moss Agate Box

A Rare Set of Twelve Soup Plates and Twelve Dinner Plates

Benjamin Smith III

An English Gold Mounted Banded and Moss Agate Box

A Victorian Diamond Brooch/Pendant

A Rare Tea Kettle on Stand with Original Triangular Salver En Suite

Peter Archambo

A 19th Century Chinese Three Piece Tea Service

A Charming Pair of French Chariot Centrepieces

Flament & Fils

A Pair of Neo-Classical Sauce Tureens

Matthew Boulton & John Fothergill

A Pair of Royal Wall Sconces

Anthony Nelme

A Set of Four Spool Salt Cellars

Paul de Lamerie

A Gilt-Copper and Enamel Cup & Cover

Elkington & Co

A High-Relief Parcel-Gilt Tazza

Elkington & Co

An Elegant Paul Storr Ewer

Paul Storr

A Swiss 19th Century Gold & Enamel Box

A French 19th Century Jardinière

Froment Meurice

A Silver, Enamel, & Hardstone Cup & Cover

Elkington & Co

A Meiji Period Japanese Bowl

Russian Silver-gilt & Enamel Frame


The Bolingbroke Punch Bowl

Edward Feline

A Columbine Cup

Benjamin Smith III

A Massive Late Neo-Classical Style Tray

Thomas Hannam & John Crouch

A Near Pair of ‘Rococo’ Soup Tureens

John Houle

An Elegant Punch Bowl

Peter Archambo

A Fine Kettle on Stand

John White

A Paul Storr Tea and Coffee Set

Paul Storr

A German 17th Century Wine Taster

A Silver-Gilt Mounted Claret Jug

Charles Fox

A Monumental Basket Centrepiece

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd

A Paul Storr Kettle on Burner

Paul Storr

An Ashburnham Pattern Five piece Tea & Coffee Service

John Samuel Hunt

A Rare Set of Six Chambersticks

Robert Hennell III

An Elegant Chinoiserie Mirror

Anthony Nelme

A French Early Nineteenth Century Empire Style Sugar Vase & Cover

Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot

A Paul Storr Two-Handled Tray

Paul Storr

A Rare and Unusual Pair of Art Deco Carved Rock Crystal and Diamond Clip Brooches

An Early English Elizabethan Tazza

A Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond and Sapphire Ring

A Fine Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

A Rare Montana sapphire and diamond ring/pendant

A French Mirror Plateau

Tétard Frères

A Pair of South American Oxen

A Bronze and Ormolu Candelabrum

A Pair of Art Deco Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond Clip Brooches/Ear Clips


An Elegant Treasury Inkstand

William Pitts & Joseph Preedy

Woman wearing a Hat

A Pierced Foliate Epergne Centrepiece

John Wakelin & William Taylor

A Pair of Paul Storr Candelabra

Paul Storr

A Commonwealth Wine Cup

An Exceptional Pair of Ornate Wine Coasters

Robert Garrard II

A Charming Wager Cup

Augustin Le Sage

An Art Deco Double Clip Brooch

A Gadroon and Grapevine Ornamented Tray

William Bennett

A Diamond and Sapphire Brooch

An Elegant Set of Four Round Base Candlesticks

Benjamin Pyne

An American Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

J.E. Caldwell

An Elegant Art Deco Onyx and Diamond Sautoir

A Mid-Century Gold and Diamond Bracelet

Van Cleef & Arpels

Cultured pearl brooch

David Webb

A Pair of Austrian Jugs

An Important Rococo Soup Tureen

Frederick Kandler

A Commonwealth Wine Cup

A Large Silver-Gilt Wine Cistern

Robert Frederick Fox

A Set of Twelve Lion Mask & Floral Salt Cellars

Robert Garrard I

A Pair of Rococo Four-Light Candelabra

Robert Garrard II

A Pair of Glamorous Mid 20th century Diamond Earrings


A Spectacular German 19th Century Two-Handled Cup and Cover

An Art Deco Diamond Scarf Grip/Brooch


A Pair of Octagonal Base Candlesticks

Joseph Bird

A German Gold Mounted Amethyst Box

A Pair of Figural Candlesticks

John Samuel Hunt

A Paul Storr Coffee Jug on Stand

Paul Storr

A Rococo Masterpiece - Soup Tureen

Christian Hillan

A Rectangular Paul Storr Tray

Paul Storr

A Louis XVI Gold-Mounted Hardstone Snuff-Box

Adrien-Jean-Maximilien Vachette

A Pair of Fluted Foliate Two-Light Candelabra

Paul Storr

A French Gold & Enamel Box

A Pair of Rectangular Foliate Sauce Tureens

William Burwash

An Important Set of Four Silver-Gilt Royal Candlesticks

Paul Storr

A Pierced-Border Double Decanter Trolley

Joseph Angell

The Duke of Montrose’s Salvers

Paul de Lamerie

A Gold Mounted Porphyry Snuff Box

An Ornate Pair of Wine Coolers

Benjamin Smith III

A Louis XV Gold & Mother-of-Pearl Snuff Box

Louis Robin

A Pair of Retro Sapphire, Diamond & Gold Earrings


A Group of English Miniatures

A Floral Chased Wine Cup

A Scroll and Shell Border Knife Tray

Paul Storr

A Substantially Sized Ascos Jug

Hunt & Roskell

An Ornately Patterned Circular Salver

John Tapley

A Pair of Silver-Gilt Comports

James Garrard

An Unusual Hexagonal Coin Tray

Mackay & Chisholm

An Exceptionally Large Pair of Candelabra

Robert Garrard II

A Russian Silver-Gilt Cloisonné and Plique-a-Jour Enamel Bratina

A Twin Handled Urn and Cover

Digby Scott & Benjamin Smith

A Silver-gilt Tankard of Exceptional Gauge

William Elliott

An Important Art Deco Diamond Bracelet

An Early English Wine Cup

A Set of Four Two-Handled Salts

Paul Storr

A Novelty Shaped Teapot

John Samuel Hunt

An Elegant Square Salver

Elizabeth Jones

A Rare Dessert Centrepiece Silver

John Samuel Hunt

A German Gold & Enamel Snuff Box

 A Pair of Five-Light Silver Candelabra from the Painted Hall at Greenwich

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd

A Set of Four Silver-gilt Nautical and Lion Mask Salts

Peter Taylor

A Refined Pair of Candlesticks

John Hugh Le Sage

An Elegant Silver-gilt Basket Centrepiece

Benjamin Smith II & James Smith III

A Pair of Octagonal Candlesticks

Thomas Merry

A German Gold, Enamel And Miniature Snuff Box

A Cup & Cover with a Knight Finial

Omar Ramsden

An Elegant Pair of Dishes

Thomas Parr I

A Superb Art Deco Diamond Bracelet

A Set of Four Restrained Rococo Candlesticks

Philip Garden

A Historically Important Silver-Gilt Tray

Philip Rundell

Pair of Victorian Diamond Earrings

A Rare Pair of Silver Mounted Cut Glass Dessert Dishes

Paul Storr

A Tactile Mid-Century Gold Link Bracelet


A Danish 20th Century Flatware Service in the Bernadotte Pattern

Georg Jensen

A Fine Petit Point-style Diamond Bracelet

A Neo-Classical Centrepiece

Thomas Pitts

A Gadrooned Rim Soup Tureen

Sebastian & James Crespel

An Five-piece Tea & Coffee Service

Benjamin Smith II

A Rare Nine Basket Epergne Centrepiece

John Robins

An Imposing Austrian Jardiniere Centrepiece

An Elegant Pair of Figural Comports

Edward Barnard

A Pair of Cut-Glass-Mounted Spirit Decanters

Horace Woodward & Co Ltd

A Pair of Superb Rococo Candlesticks

Peter Archambo

A Set of Four Silver-Gilt Figural Salts

Jean-Valentin Morel

A Plain Bodied Coffee Pot

Benjamin Godfrey

An Impressively Ornate Tray

Stephen Smith

A Fine Silver Tazza

William Lukin I

An Italian Ormolu Ewer

A Silver Portland Vase

John Samuel Hunt

A Fruitwood Handle Coffee Pot

James Young & Orlando Jackson

A Paul Storr Silver-Gilt Vase on Plinth

Paul Storr

A Richly Engraved Salver

Robert Garrard II

The Charles Mercer Ewer - A Royal Christening Gift

Henry Welch

A Silver-Gilt Tazza

Anthony Nelme

A Paul Storr Basket

Paul Storr

A Large Silver & Glass Centrepiece

John Samuel Hunt

A Pair of Silver-Mounted Ascos Jugs

Charles Reily & George Storer

A Set of Four Fine Sauce Tureens

Joseph Craddock & William Ker Reid

A Pierced Gallery Tray

Mappin & Webb

A Pair of Paul Storr Entree Dishes

Paul Storr

A Rare 18th Century Gold & Mother of Pearl Box

An Elegant Oval Salver

Paul Storr

A Chinese Export Bowl

A Magnificent Paul Storr Tea Urn

Paul Storr

A Paul Storr Six-Bottle Cruet

Paul Storr

A Set of Four Rope Handle Wine Coolers

Thomas Heming

A 'Indian Squaw' Figural Salt Cellar

Sebastian & Robert Garrard

A Pair of Spanish Four-Light Chandeliers

An Important Salver

Simon Pantin

A French Louis XV Vari-Coloured Gold Box

A Pair of Sauceboats

Edward Feline

A Chinese Export Octagonal Salver

A Pair of Understated Taper Sticks

William Gould

A Large Pierced Border Salver

Richard Rugg

An Outstanding Paul Storr Soup Tureen

Paul Storr

A Rare Gold, Malachite & Moss Agate Box

A Fine Paul Storr Coffee Pot on burner

Paul Storr

An Early English Easel Mirror

Anthony Nelme

Two of an Impressive set of Four Sauceboats

Thomas Robins

A Rare Form Glass Mounted Claret Jug

Robert Hennell III

The Earl Camden Soup Tureen

Paul Storr

The Henley Vases on Stands

Paul Storr

A Pair of 20th Century Chinese Tazza

Wang Hing

An Amazing Set of Five Figural Salt Cellars

Charles Frederick Hancock

An Oak Leaf Embellished Ewer

Robert Hennell III

A Splendid Pineapple Cup & Cover

Robert Garrard II

A Skyphos Cup

Walter & John Barnard

A Rare Silver, Enamel & Lapis Lazuli Ostrich

A Pair of Six-Light Candelabra

Thomas Bradbury II

An Austrian Ascos Jug

A French Gem-Set Parcel-Gilt Lapis Lazuli Tazza

Jules Wièse

An English Soup Tureen, Cover and Stand of American Interest

Paul Storr

An Exceptionally Rare Pair of Rococo Candelabra

Benjamin Godfrey

A Swirling Fluted Kettle on Stand

Robert Garrard II

A Regency Two-Handled Tray

Philip Rundell

An Impressive French 18th Century Coffee Pot

A Mid 18th Century German Cartouche-Shaped Gold Box

A Superb Two-Handled Tray

Paul Storr

A Large French Silver-Gilt Centrepiece

Maison Odiot

A Shell & Anthemion Meat Dish

Paul Storr

An Austrian Pair of Figural Triton Salt Cellars

JC Klinkosch

A Pair of Britannia Standard Candlesticks

Matthew Cooper I

Two Chinese 19th Century Watercolours

An Elegant Etruscan Revival Gold Necklace

An Early English Flagon

A Swirling Fluted Jug

Francis Butty

A French Art Deco Tea & Coffee Set

Gustave Keller

A French Gold Snuff Box

A Fine Chocolate Pot

Fuller White

A Paul Storr Soup Tureen & Cover

Paul Storr

A Fabulous Pair of Victorian Claret Jugs

John Samuel Hunt

A Rare Pair of Bright-Cut Jugs

William Bateman

A Paul Storr Two-Handled Tray

Paul Storr

An Elegant Soup Tureen

Paul Storr

The Sneyd Tureen

Paul de Lamerie

A Round Soup Tureen

Robert Garrard II

An Austro-Hungarian Fountain Centrepiece

A French Cloisonné Enamelled Bronze Casket

Set of Four Figural Salts

Edward Barnard


Damien Hirst

An Unusual Pair of Candelabra

George Fox