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koopman rare art

Peter Taylor ​A Superb George II Rococo Oil & Vinegar Cruet

Silver                                                                                                                                                              London, 1756                                                                                                                     
Maker’s mark of Pater Taylor

The cruet with a cast frame pierced and chased as vine tendrils and grapes intertwined with ivy in flower. The S shaped handle capped with an acanthus leaf. The elegant bottles mounted with similar decoration to the necks. The spouts formed as dogs-heads.

Silversmith Biography

No record of apprenticeship or freedom. Only mark enetered as largeworker, 11 November 1740. Address: Golden cup, Strand. Heal records him as plateworker, Golden Cup, against Southampton Street or corner of Cecil Street, Strand, 1740-53; and Peter and John Taylor, goldsmiths, at the same address, 1740. Peter Taylor, goldsmith, Strand, appears in the Parl. Report list, 1773, rather suprisingly, as there seems no other supporting evidence for his working so long and certainly no record of any mark at this date. Although rare, his work when found shows, a high standard of craftsmanship coupled with a nice use of rococo ornament.

​A Superb George II Rococo Oil & Vinegar Cruet Reference: DT20.75.8