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John Houle (1784 - 1850) A set of Twelve William IV Dinner Plates

London, 1833
Maker's mark of John Houle

Total weight: 8,680 gr. (279 oz.)

Silversmith Biography

John Houle established the business of manufacturing silversmiths c.1811 at 24 Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell, who was listed until 1843 as a silversmith or working silversmith. His two sons, Daniel John Houle and Charles Houle joined him at the same address, after which the firm is listed for one year only in 1844 as John, Daniel and Charles Houle, and then from 1845 until 1884 under the style of Daniel and Charles Houle, otherwise Daniel and Charlesn Houle, silversmiths.

A set of Twelve William IV Dinner Plates (1784 - 1850) Reference: 23398.1