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Robert Garrard II (1793 - 1881) A Set of Thirty-Six George IV Regimental Dinner Plates

London, 1828-29
Maker’s mark of Robert Garrard

Diameter: 25.5 cm, 10 in.
Weight: 11,520 gr., 370 oz. 8dwt.

Engraved with the badge of the 54th Regiment of Foot


In the early half of the 1800’s, the 54th Regiment of Foot, (then the West Norfolk Regiment) was based abroad for many years. By the time they were ordered to return to England in 1854, the Officers’ Mess had accumulated considerable funds. There was a rumour that the War Office would impound what they considered excessive mess funds, so the Commanding Officer decided to purchase a silver dinner service from Garrard as property was exempt.
In 1881, the 54th was re-badged as the 2nd Battalion of the Dorset Regiment and after a Second World War that Battalion was disbanded, leaving just the 1st Battalion who were amalgamated in 1958 to form the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment.

A Set of Thirty-Six George IV Regimental Dinner Plates (1793 - 1881) Reference: 23506.1