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Eliza(beth) Godfrey The Grenville Dinner Plates

An Extremely Rare Set of Eighteen George II Dinner Plates

London, sterling standard, 1753-54
Maker's mark of Elizabeth Godfrey

Width: 91/4 in (23.3 cm)
Weight: 275 oz 5dut (8,560 g)

Silversmith Biography

Nee Pantin. Married first to Abraham Buteaux (q.v) whom she survived to carry on business as his widow until marriage the following year to Benjamin Godfrey. Mark entered, 29 June 1741, presumably on Benjamin's death. Address: Norris Street, Haymarket, where Heal records her till 1758. Described in her trade card as 'Goldsmith, Silversmith and Jeweller to His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland'. Her work, which has survived in considerable quantity, shows, as might be expected, strong Huegenot characteristics of design and fine execution.


The octagonal plates have gadroon and shell borders and are engraved with a coat of arms and a crest and ducal coronet. In a fitted wooden case. The arms are those of Roger Hope Elletson who was Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica and the crest is that of Grenville.
Roger Hope Elletson was educated in England but returned to Jamaica where he served as a Member of the House of Assembly and then Lieutenant Governor from was his 1766 to 1768. He married Anne Eliza Gamon, who second wife, in 1770 and died, leaving no issue, in 1775 In the same year his widow went on to marry James Brydges, 3rd Duke of Chandos who had inherited the title in 1771; she was wealthy in her own right having inherited her first husband's estates in Jamaica. The couple spent most of their time at their home at Avington, near Winchester rather than at Stowe. The Duke died in 1789 and his widow died insane in 1813. The surviving daughter Anna Eliza who was to become 1st Duchess of Buckingham and Chandos. The family retained their estates in Jamaica until the collapse of their finances in 1881.

The plates appeared in the Stowe Sale held on the premises, following the bankruptcy of the 2nd Duke of Buckingham, between 15th August and 5th October 1848. The silver table plate was sold on day seventeen of the sale on 5th September and these plates appear under the sub- heading 'Gilt' and are listed as: "lot 135 octagonal silver plates with gadroon and shell decoration”

The Grenville Dinner Plates Reference: 22990.1