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John Samuel Hunt A Pair of Red Glass-Lined Silver-Gilt Wine Coolers

Silver-gilt & Red Glass
Victorian, London, 1847
Maker’s Mark of John Samuel Hunt

Height: 34 cm, 13.38 in. 
Diameter: 26 cm, 10.23 in.

Engraved with the crest of a palm branch


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Silversmith Biography

Hunt & Roskell, a firm of manufacturing and retail jewellers and silversmiths, was founded by Paul Storr in 1819, trading as Storr & Co. (1819-22), Storr & Mortimer (1822-38), Mortimer & Hunt (1838-43) and then Hunt & Roskell (1843-97). Hunt & Roskell had retail premises at 156 New Bond Street and a manufactory at 26 Harrison Street, near Clerkenwell. John Samuel Hunt, who had assisted Storr from the start, continued as a partner until his death in 1865, when he was succeeded by his son, John Hunt (d.1879). Robert Roskell, formerly a watchmaker and merchant of Liverpool, joined in 1844 and remained in the firm until his death in 1888. In 1889 the firm was taken over by J.W. Benson and continued in business as Hunt & Roskell Ltd until c.1965. Trade card in Heal Collection (Heal,67.383) advertises "Hunt & Roskell, Late Storr & Mortimer, Jewellers, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths to The Queen, The Emperor of the French, &c. &c. &c..." Heal's annotations on mount: "Britten's 'Clock & Watchmakers' gives: - Storr & Mortimer, 13, New Bond St. 1830-42. 1826-7 L. Directory gives: - Paul Storr, silversmith, 13, New Bond St. 1827 L. Directory gives: - Storr & Mortimer, gold & silversmiths, 13 New Bond St. 1832 L. Directory gives: - Storr & Mortimer, jewellers, 13 New Bond St. 1838 L. Directory gives: - Storr & Mortimer, silversmiths, 13 New Bond St. 1839 L. Directory gives: - Storr & Mortimer, silversmiths, manufactory, 13 Harrison St. 136 New Bond Street and manufactory, 26 Harrison Street, Gray's Inn Road."


The body with an intricate design of grapes emerging from vine leaves and branches. The handles and feet naturalistically formed as twisted and knotted wood branches. The vases on shaped square base enraved with a palm branch crest. The stem formed as four grape-vines with leafy terminals rising to campana-shaped vase.

Hallmarked on the vase sides. The bases stamped with the retailers stamp 'HUNT & ROSKELL LATE STORR MORTIMER & HUNT also with the model no. 3181

A Pair of Red Glass-Lined Silver-Gilt Wine Coolers Reference: 23619.1