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Henin & Cie A XIX Century French Flatware Service

Silver, Silver Gilt
French, circa 1896
Retailed by Odiot, Made by Henin & Cie
Weight: 711 oz; 20,156 gr

In a Fitted 8 Drawers Canteen and Comprising:

72 table forks,
60 table knives,
24 table spoons,
24 dessert spoons,
24 dessert knives,
24 sweetmeat forks,
24 fruit forks, 
24 fruit knives,
24 ice cream spoons, 
24 fish forks,
24 fish knives,
24 oyster forks,
24 asparagus tongs,
24 tea spoons,
12 open salts,
12 salt spoons

and 47 serving pieces:
2 pairs of fish servers
4 sauce ladles
1 sugar caster spoon
1 butter knife
2 serving forks
2 pairs of salad servers
2 basting spoons
2 serving forks
2 ice cream servers
2 cheese knives
2 cake slicers
2 pastry servers
2 pairs of grape scissors
3 pairs of nut crackers
2 cream ladles
3 pairs of sugar tongs
1 sugar spoon
2 caster spoons
1 jam spoon
2 large spoons
3 dessert servers

Additional Images Silversmith Biography

The great Parisian goldsmiths Henin & Cie were born in the nineteenth century. At the heart of the historic city of Paris, the Marais was the noted jewellery quarter. It was in this locality that the nobility would go to buy luxurious jewellery and items made from high grade silver and gold. The pride of the gold & silver in the work of Henin et Cie is evident and it is this pride and the high level of artistry that led to the most superb objects d'art being produced. It was a natural progression that these astonishing jewellers would succeed in being appointed as the suppliers of the king and his court. Henin is one such firm that reached this level of acclaim, but firm is far too modest a word as the Hénins form a dynasty. Below you will find a record of the successors and their associates. Thomas & Hénin were situated at 77 rue des Archives. The punch "a rosebud, TH letters and a star" at the warranty office on October 4, 1861. The punch is crossed out on August 16, 1865. The company, now named Hénin Frères ( Hénin Brothers ) is still situated at 77 rue des Archives.The firm registers the new punch ( HFRES ) on 17 August 1865. This punch ceased to be used from 12 August 1872. Hénin & Fils record their new punch "a button above and a star below the HFS letters" on August 13, 1872. The punch is crossed out on May 10, 1875. In 1875 the firm became known as Hénin & Cie and continued to operate until 1891. The maker's mark "a rosebud, the letters H & Cie and a star" was entered on 11 May 1875. The association of Vivier and Hénin started with the registration on 3 July 1891. The maker's mark "a rosebud, the letters HV and a star". The mark was cancelled on 7 August 1896. Hénin & Vivier in association with silversmith Apollo Apollo was a firm of cutlery makers and goldsmiths, established in 1796. They were located at 31 Rue Pastourelle, Paris. In 1896 Hénin were once again known as Hénin et Cie.

A XIX Century French Flatware Service Reference: DT21.91.1a