Augustin Le Sage

A Charming Wager Cup

Augustin Le Sage

A Charming Wager Cup

George III
London, 1755
Maker’s Mark of Augustin Le Sage

Height: 19 cm, 7.4 in.
Weight: 280 g, 9.87 oz

The body of the cup is shaped as a milk maid holding a pivoting milk bucket above her head.
The interior of both vessels are silver gilt.


This cup has two uses, which both involve it being inverted. As a wedding cup, the man and woman could drink out of the cup simultaneously, with the man drinking out of the solid skirt, while the woman drank out of the smaller pivoting bucket.

Secondly, using these cups would turn into a drinking ritual. The participant would fill both the bucket and the skirt; they could not put down their drink until they finished both cups. The liverymen of the Vintners' company would do this at dinners with a comparable cup toasting the health and prosperity of the company and master.

Of Huguenot descent, examples of his work are incredibly scarce yet highly sought after due to their quality of design and execution. He had workshops in Cockspur Street, London. The works of Augustin Le Sage are represented in a number of important museum collections.

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