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Robert Garrard II (1793 - 1881) An Important Set of George III Wine Coolers

Silver Gilt
Maker’s Mark of Robert Garrard
London, 1803
Height: 27 cm, 10.6 in
Weight: 1597 gr, 523 oz

The applied cast drapery cartouches are engraved with the arms of Thomas Robinson, 3rdBaron Grantham.


Thomas Robinson, 3rdBaron Grantham and subsequentially 2ndEarl de Grey of Wrest (1781- 1859); by descendent to Lord and Lady Desborough of Panshanger, Hertford; Christies London, 18thMarch 1942, lot 123; Christies New York, 18thOctober 1994, lot 350; Exhibited at Koopman Rare Art “Rundell, Bridge and Rundell” in 2005.


These wine coolers are amongst the earliest examples of the revival of naturalism that took place at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The entwined dolphins that form the bases, and the cast shell handles, are inspired by, if not directly copied from, rococo examples of sixty years before.

Lord Grantham, a “nobleman of great wealth and fine temper, was a collector, a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and, towards the end of his life, President of the Society of Architects. In 1803- 1804 he spent over £3,000 with Garrard’s. These “ice pails’ are recorded in the firm’s Gentleman’s Ledger no.4 for 10 February 1804 as supplied to Lord Grantham for £294 10s 8d plus an additional £12 for engraving armorials and £6 for a wooden fitted chest for them. Grantham was evidently not satisfied with the arms Garrard’s engraved on them, although they had been specified as “large” in the bill, for two years later he returned the coolers to them and had mantling, supporters and coronets applied to each side and the coat-of-arms engraved again at an additional cost of £16 11s 2d.

An Important Set of George III Wine Coolers (1793 - 1881) Reference: DT22.30.1