A Sleek Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

A Sleek Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Bracelet


Length: 177 mm
Width at widest point: 6 mm


Designed as a line of channel-set calibré-cut rubies, spaced by arched links set with baguette diamonds.

This well-articulated bracelet epitomises the elegant Art Deco style that dominated jewellery design in the 1930s. The simplicity of its form, however, belies the complexity of its engineering. The ‘calibré’ cut of the rubies, so-called because their cuts were calibrated specifically to the jewel, was a relatively new technique, and revolutionised jewellery design. Where jewels had previously been designed around the gemstones available, the advent of the calibré-cutting technique reversed this relationship, allowing designers to create jewels of unprecedented precision, with stones cut to fit.

The effect, as seen in this bracelet, is a seamless band of colour and light - the rubies and diamonds set edge-to-edge, eliminating any interference from their platinum settings.


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