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Walter & John Barnard Assembled Victorian Silver Rat Tail Flatware Service

London, 1885
Largely Walter & John Barnard

Total approximately 240 ounces, weighable.

 24 dinner forks – 8 in. long; 2 dated 1971, maker’s mark of SWC
24 dessert forks – 6 7/8 in. long; 3 dated 1962, maker’s mark of SWC
24 dinner knives dated 1975, maker’s mark of William Bush & Sons, Sheffield
24 dessert knives dated 1975, maker’s mark of William Bush & Sons, Sheffield
24 tablespoons – 8 5/8 long dated 1885
24 dessert spoons – 7 ¼ in long; 1 dated 1883; 2 dated 1903, maker’s mark of Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co.; 1 dated 1984, maker’s mark for CJ Vanders; 1 maker’s mark for SWC
24 teaspoons – 5 ½ in. long; 1 dated 1925; 1 maker’s mark Gibson and Langford; 1 dated 1938 Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co.; 2 dated 1904, maker’s mark of Barnard; 1 dated 1964, maker’s mark of S.J.S.
6 egg spoons – 4 ¾ in. long; 1 maker’s mark of E. Viner; 1 maker’s mark of A.C. Co. Ltd.
2 meat skewers – 9 in. and 11 in.; both dated 1885
1 soup ladle dated 1885
2 basting spoons both dated 1885
1 sugar sifter dated 1885
2 sauce ladles dated 1885


Silversmith Biography

Possibly the oldest manufacturing silversmith in the world, the origin of this business having been established by Anthony Nelme c. 1680. Francis Nelme inherited the business on the death of his father in 1722 and continued until 1739 when Thomas Whipham took over the business. On his death in 1756 his son Thomas Whipham jr took into partnership Charles Wright. Thomas retired in 1775 and the business was continued by Charles Wright. The business was amalgamated by Henry Chawner in 1786 and the latter son of Edward Barnard (I) became the foreman of the firm. Chawner was master to the first Edward Barnard (I) so that the connection of the Barnard family can be traced from 1773. In 1796 took into partnership John Emes that became the owner after the retirement of Chawner, maintaining Edward Barnard (I) as manager. Emes died in 1808 and his widow Rebecca took as partner Edward Barnard (I). Rebecca Emes withdrew in 1829 and Edward Barnard (I) became the proprietor with his son Edward Barnard (II), John Barnard and William Barnard, trading under the style Edward Barnard & Sons. After the retirement of Edward Barnard (I) the firm was continued by Edward Barnard (II) (1846-1851), John Barnard (I) (1846-1868), William Barnard (1846), Edward Barnard (III) (1868), Walter Barnard (1868-1903), John Barnard (II) (1868-1903), Michael Barnard (1896-1903), Stanley Barnard (1896-1903) and Robert Dubcock (1896). The firm was converted into a limited liability company in 1910 under the style Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd. In 1977 Edward Barnard & Sons Limited became a subsidiary of Padgett & Braham Ltd.

Assembled Victorian Silver Rat Tail Flatware Service Reference: 23837.1