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James Dixon An Exceptionally Large Victorian Monteith Bowl

Sheffield, 1897
Maker’s mark of James Dixon

Width including handles: 53 cm, 20.8 in.
Weight: 8239.3 gr., 264 oz. 18 dwt.

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Additional Images Description

Of circular form, on gadrooned pedestal base, the body fluted and adorned with a medallion either side. Handles with lion head masks either side, the bowl rim removable scallop shaped rim adorned with shells and scrolling decoration.

Whilst this monteith bowl displays six bowls of vintage Dom Pérignon, there is quite easily room for a further six; providing you with an idea of the sheer monumental scale of this exceptionally large monteith bowl. 

The ‘Monteith Bowl’ first emerged in the 1680s and was originally used as a wine glass cooler – the bowl would be filled with ice water and the glasses would hand into the bowl from the shaped rim. The detachable rim was a later conception allowing for the bowls dual purpose as a punch bowl. With the rise of upper-class social events with the evolving high society, items such as this became a necessity, used at buffets and before large dinners.

The name Monteith is derived from a gentleman so named ‘Monsieur Monteigh’, known for his unconventional cloak, the pattern of which is said to have formed the basis for the design of the Monteith bowl’s shaped rim.

An Exceptionally Large Victorian Monteith Bowl Reference: 23894.1