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An Exceptional Group of Italian Micro-mosaics

From bottom to top:

Italian Micromosaic of a Duck and Chick
Italy, Circa 1785
Attributed to Giacomo Raffaelli

Diameter: 6.8 cm, 2.67 in. 

Italian Gold Mounted Green Porphyry Box with Micro-mosaic of Finches
Green Porphyry, Gold
Italy, Circa 1810

Diameter: 6 cm, 2.36 in. 
Height: 1.7 cm, 0.67 in. 


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These Micromosaics are of the finest quality and are considerably rare for their subject matter; swans and goldfinches with chicks in a nest are particular rarities. 

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An Exceptional Group of Italian Micro-mosaics Reference: 23917 MM GROUP