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John II Carter

No record of apprenticeship or freedom unless, as seems unlikely, son of John Carter late of Birmingham ironmonger, apprenticed to Robert Cooke 4 May 1732 and turned over to John Allen Glover 31 March 1735, of whom the freedom is unrecorded. Although his first mark in the register is 21 September 1776 (Address: Bartholomew Close), there is evidence that he was supplying candlesticks to the firm of Parker and Wakelin as early as 1769 (Wakelin, 'Workmen's Ledger', Garrard MSS, Victoria and Albert Museum). Second mark, 30 October 1776, this entry annotated 'Lef Trade Jan 20 1777'. The first mark of Richard Carter and Robert Makepiece was entered the same day at the same address. Heal records him as goldsmith, London 1768-9, and at Westmorland Buildings 1770, and he appears in the Parlimentary Report List at Bartholomew Close in 1773, a manufacturer of large plate. There is almost certainly a relationship between him and Richard and Thomas Carter (q.v.) both of whom at some time were also in Westmoreland Buildings. From the survival of his mark Carter appears to have specialized almost exclusively on candlesticks and salvers. His mark is found overstruck on that of candlesticks bearing the early Sheffield hallmarks, presumably purchased by him to resell at a profit to meet the growing demand for stamped and filled examples in London.