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William Frisbee

Son of John Frisbee of the Old Bailey Citizen and Tallow Chandler of London, apprenticed to John Crouch of Giltspur Street London Goldsmith on payment of £10 5 October 1774. Free, 6 February 1782. Mark entered as plateworker, in partnership with John Edwards, 12 April 1791. Address: 48 Jewin Street. Second mark alone, 11 January 1792. Address: 51 Cock Lane, Snowhill. Third mark, in partnership with Paul Storr, 2 May 1792. Address: 5 (?51) Cock Lane. Fourth mark alone, 23 June 1798. (Storr had entered his own separate mark, January 1793, so that Frisbee's activities between that date and his 1798 mark remained conjectural. Was he still perhaps working with Storr?). Fifth mark, 2 June 1801. Address: Inner Court, Bridewell Hospital. Livery, October 1806. Sixth mark, in partnership with his son John, 10 September 1811. Address: Bridewell Hospital. Seventh similar mark, 11 May 1814. Three of his sons were apprenticed to their father: the first John, 6 March 1799, when William Frisbee is 'Of Cow Lane London' the second son William, 1 October 1806, and the third Daniel Luffman, 4 January 1809.