William Bateman

( 1774 - 1850 )

William was second son of Jonathan and Ann Bateman and grandson of Hester. Born 17 December 1774. Apprenticed 7 January 1789 to his father and turned over on the latter's death to his mother 6 July 1791. Free by service, 6 February 1799. First mark entered in partnership with Peter and Ann, January 1800. Address: Bunhill Row. Second mark with Peter, 8 November 1805. Third mark alone (two sizes), 15 February 1815. Address 108 Bunhill Row. Married Ann Wilson, 1800, at St. Matthew's, Friday Street, by whom he had three sons, William (q.v.), Henry and Josiah. William was apprenticed to him 1815, Henry 1816 (the latter turned over 1817 to Thomas Hacker timber merchant), and Josiah 1817. Livery, 1816. Court, 1828. Warden 1833-5. Prime Warden, 1836. Warden 1847-9. In 1834 silver commissions for the great royal retail firm Rundell, Bridge & Rundell were carried out by the grand scale manufacturing establishment run by William Bateman junior who was great grandson Hester Bateman and the firm effectively became royal silversmiths to William IV. William sold the family business to Ben Car. 1840, having twenty years earlier entered the gas business. A Proprietor of the Chartered Gas, Light and Coke Company 1821, Director 1823, Deputy Governor 1840 and Governor 1846. Commissioner of Sewers for the Holborn and Finsbury Division. Died at Stoke, Newington, January 1850. Subject of a lengthy and eulogistic obituary in "The Journal Of Gas And Lighting", 2 February 1850.