A two-colour gold and enamel snuff box

A English two-colour gold snuff box

Alexander Strachan

A Swiss Enamelled Gold Snuff-box

A large two-colour gold and enamel snuff box, circa 1780

Esaias Fernau

A Louis XVI French Gold Box

An Italian Early 19th Century Gold Mounted Hardstone Samples Box

A gold and enamel snuff box

Bautte & Moynier

An Austrian Gold Snuff Box

A Russian Four- Colour Gold Box

A German Gold Mounted Variegated Agate Snuff Table Snuff Box

A 19th Century Swiss Gold & Enamel Snuff Box

An 18th Century Micromosaic of A Bull & Two Hunting Hounds

A George IV Silver Gilt and Micromosaic Box

A Superb 19th Century Mosaic of Peasants at Work on the Farm

A 19th Century Mosaic of Two Putti

A German 19th Century Gold Box

An 18th Century Mosaic of a Leopard

A Swiss Early 19th Century Gold & Enamel Snuff Box

A German 19th Century Blood Stone and Gold Cage-Work Box

A Floral Swiss Gold & Enamel Box

A Vari-Coloured Gold & Agate Snuff Box

Charles Ouizille

A French Late 18th Century Gold, Enamel & Moss Agate Box

A French Gold and Enamel Box

Jean-Baptiste François Cheret

A German Gold & Enamel Snuff Box

A French Three Colour Gold Box

Pierre Francois Royer

A German Gold and Enamel Box

A French Round Gold Box

René-Antoine Bailleul

A German 19th Century Gold and Enamel Box

Frères Jordan

A French Vari-Colour Oval Gold Box

Charles le Bastier (fl. 1754-83)

A Swiss 19th Century Gold & Enamel Box

A Louis XV Gold & Mother-of-Pearl Snuff Box

Louis Robin

A Rare 18th Century Gold & Mother of Pearl Box

A Louis XVI Gold-Mounted Hardstone Snuff-Box

Adrien-Jean-Maximilien Vachette

An Exquisite 18th Century German Large Table Snuff Box

An Austrian Gold & Rhodonite Snuff Box

A French Louis XV Vari-Coloured Gold Box

A German Gold & Enamel Snuff Box

A Rare Gold, Malachite & Moss Agate Box

An 18th Century Swiss Gold Snuff Box

A Mid 18th Century German Cartouche-Shaped Gold Box

A French Gold Snuff Box