An Elegant Pair of 18th Century Two-Light Neo-Classical Candelabra

John Wakelin & William Taylor

An Exceptionally Rare Candelabra Suite in the Egyptian Style

John Schofield

A Pair of Regency Silver Two-Light Candelabra

Paul Storr

A Pair of George III Candelabra

Francis Butty

 A Pair of Five-Light Silver Candelabra from the Painted Hall at Greenwich

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd

A Pair of Paul Storr Candelabra

Paul Storr

An Unusual Pair of Candelabra

George Fox

An Exceptionally Large Pair of Candelabra

Robert Garrard II

An Exceptionally Rare Pair of Rococo Candelabra

Benjamin Godfrey

A Pair of Six-Light Candelabra

Thomas Bradbury II