The Duke of York Charger

Edward Farrell

A Group of Silver Birds

A George I Inkstand for the Lord Chancellor of England

Simon Pantin

An 18th Century French Sponge & Soap Box

A Rare Victorian Novelty Smoker's Companion,

Robert Hennell III

A Set of Eight Massive Highly Important Regency Candlesticks

Paul Storr

Set of Four Figural Salts

Edward Barnard

A Pair of Scottish Abalone Silver Mounted Dishes on Stands

Hamilton's & Co.

A Fine Ascos Jug

William Elliott

An Irish Wolf Hound Stirrup Cup

James Barclay Hennell

A Set of Four Silver-gilt Sugar Vases with Covers and Sugar Sifters

William Elliott

A Royal Sideboard Dish

John Edwards II

A Large Dish Marked Rundell, Bridge and Rundell

Digby Scott & Benjamin Smith

A High-Relief Parcel-Gilt Tazza

Elkington & Co

A Pair of Royal Wall Sconces

Anthony Nelme

An Elegant Chinoiserie Mirror

Anthony Nelme

The Braikenridge Tazza

A Charming Wager Cup

Augustin Le Sage

A Scroll and Shell Border Knife Tray

Paul Storr

A Pair of Silver-Gilt Comports

James Garrard

An Elegant Pair of Dishes

Thomas Parr I

A Rare Pair of Silver Mounted Cut Glass Dessert Dishes

Paul Storr

A Shell & Anthemion Meat Dish

Paul Storr

A Splendid Pineapple Cup & Cover

Robert Garrard II

An Early English Easel Mirror

Anthony Nelme

A 'Indian Squaw' Figural Salt Cellar

Sebastian & Robert Garrard

A Fine Silver Tazza

William Lukin I