Pair of George III Wine Coasters

Paul Storr

Pair of Victorian Magnum Coasters

A William III Monteith Bowl

A Pair of Geo IV Warwick Vase Caviar / Wine Coolers

Paul Storr

A Set of Four George III Wine Coolers

Paul Storr

A Pair of Victorian Jugs

Hunt & Roskell

A Magnificent George IV Wine Ewer

William Elliott

A set of Four George IV Wine Coasters

Paul Storr

A Charles I Flagon

A Pair of Victorian Wine Coolers

John Samuel Hunt

A Victorian Stirrup Cup Modelled as a Retriever

Aldwinckle & Slater

A Fine Ascos Jug

William Elliott

An Irish Wolf Hound Stirrup Cup

James Barclay Hennell

An Early 18th Century Monteith Bowl

Thomas Parr I

A Columbine Cup

Benjamin Smith III

An Elegant Punch Bowl

Peter Archambo

The Bolingbroke Punch Bowl

Edward Feline

A Silver-Gilt Mounted Claret Jug

Charles Fox

A Commonwealth Wine Cup

A Commonwealth Wine Cup

An Exceptional Pair of Ornate Wine Coasters

Robert Garrard II

A Floral Chased Wine Cup

An Early English Wine Cup

A Fabulous Pair of Victorian Claret Jugs

John Samuel Hunt

An Important Pair of Royal Wine Coolers

Joseph Preedy

A Rare Form Glass Mounted Claret Jug

Robert Hennell III

A Pair of Silver-Mounted Ascos Jugs

Charles Reily & George Storer