A Pair of 19th Century French Double Salt Cellars

Gustave Odiot

A 19th Century French Figural Centrepiece

A 19th Century French Figural Centrepiece

Gustave Odiot

A Pair of French Silver-Gilt Covered Vases

An 18th Century French Sponge & Soap Box

An Art Deco Style French silver flatware service, in a canteen box

Tétard Frères

A French Oval Jardiniere

A Fine Pair of Louis XVI Silver Candlesticks

A Set of Four French Silver-Mounted Cut-Glass candelabra, Paris circa 1890

Andre Aucoc

A Set of Six Louis XV Style Candlesticks

Edmond Tetard

A Set of Four French Silver-Gilt Dishes

Jean-Charles Cahier

A French 19th Century Jardinère

Andre Aucoc

A Charming Pair of French Chariot Centrepieces

Flament & Fils

A French Early Nineteenth Century Empire Style Sugar Vase & Cover

Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot

A French 19th Century Jardinière

François Freumont Maurice

A French Mirror Plateau

Tétard Frères

A Large French Silver-Gilt Centrepiece

Maison Odiot

An Impressive French 18th Century Coffee Pot

A Gilt Bronze & Enamel Planter on Stand

Ferdinand Barbedienne