A Victorian Two-Handled Centrepiece

Henry William Curry

An Edwardian Figural Centrepiece

Elkington & Co

The Ilbert Courtenay Centrepiece

John Edwards II

A Large Silver & Glass Centrepiece

John Samuel Hunt

A Pierced Three-Piece Garniture Set

John Wakelin & William Taylor

A Rare Dessert Centrepiece Silver

John Samuel Hunt

An Elegant Punch Bowl

Peter Archambo

A Neo-Classical Centrepiece

Thomas Pitts

A Group of Silver Birds

An Elegant Pair of Figural Comports

Edward Barnard

A George V Centrepiece Epergne

Charles Stuart Harris

A Monumental Basket Centrepiece

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd

An Elegant Silver-gilt Basket Centrepiece

Benjamin Smith II & James Smith III

A Rare Nine Basket Epergne Centrepiece

John Robins