A Pair of Victorian Silver-Gilt Figural Table Ornaments

George Fox

An Elegant Neo-Classical Style Edwardian Basket

John Bodman Carrington & Co

The Duke of York Charger

Edward Farrell

A pair of George III Salvers

Digby Scott & Benjamin Smith

The Talbot Candelabra Suite

Paul Storr

A Set of Eight Massive Highly Important Regency Candlesticks

Paul Storr

The Royal Shield of Achilles

A Set of Four Silver-gilt Sugar Vases with Covers and Sugar Sifters

William Elliott

A Fabulous Pair of Victorian Claret Jugs

John Samuel Hunt

An Important Set of Four Silver-Gilt Royal Candlesticks

Paul Storr

A Set of Four Grape and Vine Wine Coasters

William Elliott & Joseph William Story

A Silver-gilt Tankard of Exceptional Gauge

William Elliott

A Paul Storr Silver-Gilt Vase on Plinth

Paul Storr

A High-Relief Parcel-Gilt Tazza

Elkington & Co

An Elegant Pair of Silver-Gilt Salvers

Francis Nelme

A Russian Silver-Gilt Cloisonné and Plique-a-Jour Enamel Bratina

A Seventeenth Century Parcel-Gilt Pomander

A Large French Silver-Gilt Centrepiece

Maison Odiot

A Pair of Silver-Gilt Comports

James Garrard

A German 17th Century Wine Taster

A French Early Nineteenth Century Empire Style Sugar Vase & Cover

Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot

A Silver-Gilt Mounted Claret Jug

Charles Fox

An Unusual Pair of Candelabra

George Fox

An Austrian Pair of Figural Triton Salt Cellars

JC Klinkosch

The Charles Mercer Ewer - A Royal Christening Gift

Henry Welch

A Silver-Gilt Tazza

Anthony Nelme

A Large Silver-Gilt Wine Cistern

Robert Frederick Fox

A Set of Four Silver-Gilt Figural Salts

Jean-Valentin Morel

An Elegant Silver-gilt Basket Centrepiece

Benjamin Smith II & James Smith III