A Pair of Victorian Silver-Gilt Figural Table Ornaments

George Fox

A pair of George III silver shell shaped salts

Robert Hennell

A pair of George I double lipped sauce boats, London, 1717

Pierre Platel

An Imposing Victorian Warwick Cruet

Three Early 18th Century Light House Casters

John Sutton

A Regency Eight-Bottle Cruet

Paul Storr

Set of Four Figural Salts

Edward Barnard

A Magnificent Set of Four 'Cauldron' Salt Cellers

Paul Storr

A Naturalistically Modelled Cow Creamer

John Schuppe

A Novelty Pair of Victorian Harlequin Peppers

Robert Hennell III

A Set of Twelve Lion Mask & Floral Salt Cellars

Robert Garrard I

A Set of Four Spool Salt Cellars

Paul de Lamerie

A Set of Four Two-Handled Salts

Paul Storr

A Set of Four Silver-Gilt Figural Salts

Jean-Valentin Morel

A Paul Storr Six-Bottle Cruet

Paul Storr

A 'Indian Squaw' Figural Salt Cellar

Sebastian & Robert Garrard