Published 2022

The Shield of Achilles

Examining one of the most important objects in silver-gilt from the nineteenth century. Made in London, 1823 by Phillip Rundell of Rundell, Bridge & Rundell it is amongst the great masterpieces of art history.
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Published 2019

The Lequesne Coffee Pot

A fascinating journey into the story of one of the most iconic pieces of English Rococo silver. Made by the great master Paul de Lamerie for an exceptional patron in 1738, the Lequesne Coffee Pot represents an insight into one of the most interesting periods of English political and social history.
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published 2017

Antique Silver: Modern Times

A showcase of the wealth of knowledge and exceptional pieces established since our 2015 Paul Storr exhibition. 
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published 2015

Art in Industry: The Silver of Paul Storr

The first book devoted to Paul Storr since N.M. Penzer – covering the entire working life of Storr and complimentary to our Paul Storr exhibition, October 2015.

published 2014

Timeless Masterpieces in the Digital Age

We know that exciting objects such as these stand out as works of art on grounds of quality, art-historical significance, and historical importance – enjoy this curated selection of works in our current collection.
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published 2013

Gilt-Edged Splendour / Masterpieces in Silver Gilt

Since ancient times gilding has enhanced silver objects – discover how silversmiths through the ages have approached the application of gold finish to silver.
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published 2012

Regency Silver

When the masterpieces of the Regency period shown here were made, they were innovative both in style and technique. They still have the power to delight and amaze us with their imagination and superb craftsmanship.
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published 2011

Rococo Silver

Here we present some of the finest works created by the artists of the English rococo, continuing Koopman Rare Art’s tradition of innovation combined with the latest scholarship.
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published 2010

The Classical Ideal English Silver, 1760-1840

Bringing together a wealth of pieces in the neo-classical style – the accompanying publication to the first ever exhibition devoted to English neo-classical silver.

published 2009

Everlasting Treasures Catalogue of English & Continental Silver and Silver-Gilt

The world has changed, though, the great treasures of yesterday, today and tomorrow will remain great and continue to be sought after.

published 2008

Triumphs of the Silversmith's Art Catalogue of English & Continental Silver

A showcase of classic, high-quality silver featuring pieces of truly iconic standing; quite possibly the greatest example of silver of their time.

published 2005

Royal Goldsmiths: The Art of Rundell & Bridge

The first publication devoted to the Royal Goldsmiths, Rundell & Bridge – presenting a wealth of gold and silver objects, jewellery, snuff boxes, watches, medals, and other decorative pieces.