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  • The Shield of Achilles

    Published 2019 View the Catalogue

    This publication examines one of, if not, the most import objects in silver-gilt from the 19th century. The Shield of Achilles was made in London, 1823 by Philip Rundell of Rundell, Bridge & Rundell. It is amongst the great masterpieces of art history and not just for its artistic value. It provides material evidence of the historical times both in its theoretical conception and in its physical making. It tells us the story of the relationships between some of the most influential art-makers of the Georgian period, who would shape art history and culture in the years to come.

    The Shield of Achilles
  • The Lequesne Coffee Pot

    Published 2019 View the Catalogue

    A fascinating journey into the story of one of the most iconic pieces of English Rococo silver. Made by the great master Paul de Lamerie for an exceptional patron in 1738, the Lequesne Coffee Pot represents an insight into one of the most interesting periods of English political and social history. 

    The Lequesne Coffee Pot
  • Antique Silver: Modern Times

    published 2017 View the Catalogue

    Our recent exhibition on the work and genius of Paul Storr gave us an opportunity to showcase some rare and exceptional pieces and with the help and patience of Christopher Hartop, we learnt so much. In the current catalogue we have endeavoured to show that we have built on this and that we are committed to maintaining the theme of excellence and the pursuit of knowledge in the field of fine silver.

    Antique Silver: Modern Times
  • Art in Industry: The Silver of Paul Storr

    published 2015

    This is the first book to be devoted to Storr since the appearance of N.M. Penzer’s classic work Paul Storr: the Last of the Goldsmiths, in 1954, it offers a reassessment of Storr’s life and work. “We can see the personality of Storr emerge from his business dealings, and from the silver he produced,” remarks Hartop, the author of eight books on antique silver. “Storr’s amazing achievement was the sheer scale of his activity, and the ingenious way he merged creative talent and cutting-edge technology. Storr was not a lonely craftsman working away at a bench, but a gifted entrepreneur with a flair for spotting the best artists, from designers and draughtsmen to modellers and sculptors. The technology is breath-taking; it was the Microsoft of its day”. 

    The book covers the entire working life of Storr and even looks at his legacy that continued for many years until the end of the 19th century. It gives the reader an in depth understanding of Storr's progression from an unassuming silversmith to a man who eventually employed hundreds of highly skilled craftsmen and produced the most important silver that graced many of the royal palaces and great houses throughout the globe. 

    Paul Storr - An exhibition of his Life's Work 

    We hosted an exhibition from the 13th-31st October 2015. The exhibition was a huge success and a true insight to the exquisite masterpieces that Paul Storr was able to achieve. Please see some of these wonderful works of art through the link below.

    Art in Industry: The Silver of Paul Storr
  • Timeless Masterpieces in the Digital Age

    published 2014 View the Catalogue

    At Koopman Rare Art, we spend most of time searching for great silver like the items you will find in this catalogue. We know that exciting objects such as these stand out as works of art on grounds of quality, art-historical significance and historical importance. For discerning collectors today provenance is paramount and so historical research is central to our business. Some of the most exceptional and interesting objects we have purchased in the last twelve months are featured in our catalogue. The magnificent ambassadorial wine-coolers on p. 24 celebrate their three hundredth birthday this year. We hope that you will feel that history is alive as you look at these wonderful treasures from the past.

    Timeless Masterpieces in the Digital Age
  • Gilt-Edged Splendour / Masterpieces in Silver Gilt

    published 2013 View the Catalogue

    Man has a long been fascinated with glitter or gold, but its high cost and great softness rendered it impractical for many purposes. Demand for this precious metal drove silversmiths down the ages to devise methods of applying a gold finish to silver. Since ancient times gilding has enhanced silver objects, and items that have undergone that process are called silver gilt, or vermeil in French.

    Gilt-Edged Splendour / Masterpieces in Silver Gilt
  • Regency Silver

    published 2012 View the Catalogue

    Lifestyles evolve, interior decoration changes, currencies stop working, but the timeless beauty of English antique silver endures. When the masterpieces of the Regency period shown here were made, they were innovative both in style and technique. They still have the power to delight and amaze us with their imagination and superb craftsmanship. Here we invite you to look at Regency masterworks in a new way, as we did with rococo silver in our last book.

    Regency Silver
  • Rococo Silver

    published 2011 View the Catalogue

    Every period looks at the treasures of the past with different eyes. Here we present, in a new way, some of the finest works created by the artists of the English rococo, continuing Koopman Rare Art’s tradition of innovation combined with the latest scholarship.

    Rococo Silver
  • The Classical Ideal
    English Silver, 1760-1840

    published 2010

    This catalogue brings together a wealth of items in the neo-classical style. Tying in with the first ever exhibition to be devoted to English neo-classical silver, the book features important works from the British Museum, Lloyd's of London, Manchester Art Gallery, the National Museum of Wales, the National Trust, Nottingham Castle Museum, Norwich Castle Museum, the Royal Collection, Sir John Soane's Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as from historic houses including Harewood House, Yorkshire, Holkham Hall, Norfolk, and Temple Newsam, Leeds. Many of the items borrowed from private collections have never before been published.

    The Classical Ideal<br /><small>English Silver, 1760-1840</small>
  • Everlasting Treasures
    Catalogue of English & Continental Silver and Silver-Gilt

    published 2009

    The world has changed. We must remember however, that many things remain constant. The great objects of yesterday, today and tomorrow will remain great and continue to be sought after. The most important task for us is to find those items that qualify as really outstanding; there is a great shortage of all those treasures we truly desire.

    Everlasting Treasures<br /><small>Catalogue of English & Continental Silver and Silver-Gilt</small>
  • Triumphs of the Silversmith's Art
    Catalogue of English & Continental Silver

    published 2008

    We show here classic, high quality silver as well as a number of great historical objects and we are particularly proud on this occasion to be able to offer two spectacular pieces of silver which are of truly iconic standing and amongst the greatest examples of the silver’s art of their time.

    Triumphs of the Silversmith's Art<br /><small>Catalogue of English & Continental Silver</small>
  • Royal Goldsmiths: The Art of Rundell & Bridge

    published 2005

    Author Christopher Hartop
    Foreword by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
    Introduction by Philippa Glanville
    Essays by Diana Scarisbrick, Charles Truman, David Watkin and Matthew Winterbottom
    Edited & Produced by John Adamson. 

    The first to be devoted to Rundell & Bridge, the Royal Goldsmiths, who served four monarchs, this book presents a wealth of gold and silver objects, jewellery, snuff-boxes, watches, medals and decorations, as well as work in ormolu and bronze, from museums and private collections around the world, including the Royal Collection. Some of the items are published here for the first time.  

    Royal Goldsmiths: The Art of Rundell & Bridge