An Elegant Neo-Classical Style Edwardian Basket

John Bodman Carrington & Co

A Suite of Seven Victorian Silver Baskets

John Bodman Carrington & Co

The Duke of York Charger

Edward Farrell

A Pair of Victorian Dessert Stands

Robert Garrard II

A Large Monteith Bowl

A George II Oval Basket

Peter Archambo

A Five-Piece Régence style Tea and Coffee Set

A Pair of Victorian Wine Coolers

John Samuel Hunt

A George I Inkstand for the Lord Chancellor of England

Simon Pantin

An Imposing Victorian Warwick Cruet

An Exceptionally Large Pair of George IV Salvers

Robert Garrard II

A Superb 18th Century Chinoiserie Coffee Pot

Thomas Whipham

Pair of George II Candlesticks

A pair of George III Salvers

Digby Scott & Benjamin Smith

An Incredibly Rare Parcel-Gilt Novelty Four-Piece Victorian Tea Service

A Victorian Stirrup Cup Modelled as a Retriever

Aldwinckle & Slater

Lord Elphinstone’s Vase on Stand

Paul Storr

An Elegant Pair of 18th Century Two-Light Neo-Classical Candelabra

John Wakelin & William Taylor

An Exceptionally Rare Candelabra Suite in the Egyptian Style

John Schofield

Three Early 18th Century Light House Casters

John Sutton

A Highly Important George III Silver-gilt Two-handled Tray

Digby Scott & Benjamin Smith

An Edwardian Figural Centrepiece

Elkington & Co

An 18th Century Tea Caddy

Abraham Portal

A Victorian Pair of Candelabra

Robert Garrard II

A Pair of 19th Century Sculptural Wine Ewers

Hunt & Roskell

An Exceptional George II Epergne Centrepiece

John Edwards II

A Highly Important Pair of Silver-Gilt Wine Coolers & Stands

Paul Storr

Set of Four Figural Salts

Edward Barnard

A Fine Ascos Jug

William Elliott

A Pair of Ornate Candlesticks

William Bateman

An Irish Wolf Hound Stirrup Cup

James Barclay Hennell

A Pair of Extraordinarily Sized Candlesticks

Edward Gibson

A Magnificent Set of Four 'Cauldron' Salt Cellers

Paul Storr

The Ashton Court Salver

James Shruder

A Set of Four Magnificent Campana-Form Wine Coolers

Benjamin Smith III

A Coburg Pattern Flatware Service

George Adams

A Demi-Fluted Two-Handled Cup & Cover

Robert Sharp

An Early 18th Century Monteith Bowl

Thomas Parr I

A Pair of Regency Silver Two-Light Candelabra

Paul Storr

A Splendid Set of Four Corinthian Column Candlesticks

Edward Wakelin

A Naturalistically Modelled Cow Creamer

John Schuppe

A English 'Bullet' Teapot

George Wickes

A Monumental Cast Grapevine and Shell Bordered Salver

Philip Rundell

A Set of Four Silver-gilt Sugar Vases with Covers and Sugar Sifters

William Elliott

A Royal Sideboard Dish

John Edwards II

An Exquisite Rococo Sauceboat

Frederick Kandler

A Set of Four Grape and Vine Wine Coasters

William Elliott & Joseph William Story

An Elegant Pair of Bucket Wine Coolers

John Schofield

An Inkstand made for the Lord Chancellor of England

Simon Pantin

A Superb Pair of Candlesticks

William Cattell

A Refined Two-Handled Tray

Samuel Godbehere & Edward Wigan

A Large Dish Marked Rundell, Bridge and Rundell

Digby Scott & Benjamin Smith

A Pierced Three-Piece Garniture Set

John Wakelin & William Taylor

A Fine Kettle on Stand

John White

An Elegant Treasury Inkstand

William Pitts & Joseph Preedy

A Pair of Paul Storr Candelabra

Paul Storr

An Exceptional Pair of Ornate Wine Coasters

Robert Garrard II

A Charming Wager Cup

Augustin Le Sage

A Gadroon and Grapevine Ornamented Tray

William Bennett

A Pair of George III Candelabra

Francis Butty

A Large Silver-Gilt Wine Cistern

Robert Frederick Fox

A Set of Twelve Lion Mask & Floral Salt Cellars

Robert Garrard I

A Pair of Octagonal Base Candlesticks

Joseph Bird

A Pair of Figural Candlesticks

John Samuel Hunt

A Paul Storr Coffee Jug on Stand

Paul Storr

A Rococo Masterpiece - Soup Tureen

Christian Hillan

A Rectangular Paul Storr Tray

Paul Storr

A Scroll and Shell Border Knife Tray

Paul Storr

An Ornately Patterned Circular Salver

John Tapley

An Unusual Hexagonal Coin Tray

Mackay & Chisholm

An Exceptionally Large Pair of Candelabra

Robert Garrard II

A Twin Handled Urn and Cover

Digby Scott & Benjamin Smith

A Refined Pair of Candlesticks

John Hugh Le Sage

A Pair of Octagonal Candlesticks

Thomas Merry

A Pair of Cut-Glass-Mounted Spirit Decanters

Horace Woodward & Co Ltd

A Fine Chocolate Pot

Fuller White

An Important Pair of Royal Wine Coolers

Joseph Preedy

An Outstanding Paul Storr Soup Tureen

Paul Storr

A Pair of Understated Taper Sticks

William Gould

A 'Indian Squaw' Figural Salt Cellar

Sebastian & Robert Garrard

A Set of Four Rope Handle Wine Coolers

Thomas Heming

A Pierced Gallery Tray

Mappin & Webb

A Pair of Silver-Mounted Ascos Jugs

Charles Reily & George Storer

A Paul Storr Basket

Paul Storr

A Silver-Gilt Tazza

Anthony Nelme

The Charles Mercer Ewer - A Royal Christening Gift

Henry Welch

A Fruitwood Handle Coffee Pot

James Young & Orlando Jackson

A Fine Silver Tazza

William Lukin I

An Impressively Ornate Tray

Stephen Smith

A Plain Bodied Coffee Pot

Benjamin Godfrey

A Pair of Neo-Classical Sauce Tureens

Matthew Boulton & John Fothergill

A Set of Four Spool Salt Cellars

Paul de Lamerie

The Bolingbroke Punch Bowl

Edward Feline

A Massive Late Neo-Classical Style Tray

Thomas Hannam & John Crouch

A Columbine Cup

Benjamin Smith III

An Elegant Punch Bowl

Peter Archambo

A Silver-Gilt Mounted Claret Jug

Charles Fox

A Monumental Basket Centrepiece

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd

A Paul Storr Kettle on Burner

Paul Storr

An Ashburnham Pattern Five piece Tea & Coffee Service

John Samuel Hunt

A Rare Set of Six Chambersticks

Robert Hennell III

An Elegant Chinoiserie Mirror

Anthony Nelme

A Paul Storr Two-Handled Tray

Paul Storr

An Important Rococo Soup Tureen

Frederick Kandler

An Important Set of Four Silver-Gilt Royal Candlesticks

Paul Storr

The Duke of Montrose’s Salvers

Paul de Lamerie

A Silver-gilt Tankard of Exceptional Gauge

William Elliott

An Early English Wine Cup

A Set of Four Two-Handled Salts

Paul Storr

A Rare Dessert Centrepiece Silver

John Samuel Hunt

An Elegant Pair of Dishes

Thomas Parr I

A Rare Pair of Silver Mounted Cut Glass Dessert Dishes

Paul Storr

A Neo-Classical Centrepiece

Thomas Pitts

A Magnificent Royal Pair of Figural Candlesticks made for the Duke of York

Edward Farrell

A Gadrooned Rim Soup Tureen

Sebastian & James Crespel

A Rare Nine Basket Epergne Centrepiece

John Robins

A Set of Four Silver-Gilt Figural Salts

Jean-Valentin Morel

An Unusual Pair of Candelabra

George Fox

An Elegant Pair of Figural Comports

Edward Barnard

The Sneyd Tureen

Paul de Lamerie

An Elegant Soup Tureen

Paul Storr

A Paul Storr Two-Handled Tray

Paul Storr

An Elegant Silver-gilt Basket Centrepiece

Benjamin Smith II & James Smith III

A Fabulous Pair of Victorian Claret Jugs

John Samuel Hunt

A Paul Storr Soup Tureen & Cover

Paul Storr

A Swirling Fluted Jug

Francis Butty

A Pair of Britannia Standard Candlesticks

Matthew Cooper I

A Shell & Anthemion Meat Dish

Paul Storr

A Regency Two-Handled Tray

Philip Rundell

An Exceptionally Rare Pair of Rococo Candelabra

Benjamin Godfrey

A Pair of Six-Light Candelabra

Thomas Bradbury II

A Splendid Pineapple Cup & Cover

Robert Garrard II

An Amazing Set of Five Figural Salt Cellars

Charles Frederick Hancock

The Earl Camden Soup Tureen

Paul Storr

A Rare Form Glass Mounted Claret Jug

Robert Hennell III

An Early English Easel Mirror

Anthony Nelme

A Fine Paul Storr Coffee Pot on burner

Paul Storr

An Important Salver

Simon Pantin

An Elegant Oval Salver

Paul Storr

A Set of Four Fine Sauce Tureens

Joseph Craddock & William Ker Reid

A Large Silver & Glass Centrepiece

John Samuel Hunt