A Pair of Footed Salvers

Benjamin Smith II & James Smith III

A Pair of Victorian Dessert Stands

Robert Garrard II

An Exceptionally Large Pair of George IV Salvers

Robert Garrard II

A Highly Important George III Silver-gilt Two-handled Tray

Digby Scott & Benjamin Smith

A Monumental Cast Grapevine and Shell Bordered Salver

Philip Rundell

A Refined Two-Handled Tray

Samuel Godbehere & Edward Wigan

An Elegant Pair of Silver-Gilt Salvers

Francis Nelme

A Massive Late Neo-Classical Style Tray

Thomas Hannam & John Crouch

A Paul Storr Two-Handled Tray

Paul Storr

A Gadroon and Grapevine Ornamented Tray

William Bennett

A Rectangular Paul Storr Tray

Paul Storr

The Duke of Montrose’s Salvers

Paul de Lamerie

An Ornately Patterned Circular Salver

John Tapley

An Unusual Hexagonal Coin Tray

Mackay & Chisholm

A Paul Storr Two-Handled Tray

Paul Storr

A Shell & Anthemion Meat Dish

Paul Storr

A Regency Two-Handled Tray

Philip Rundell

A Large Pierced Border Salver

Richard Rugg

A Chinese Export Octagonal Salver

An Important Salver

Simon Pantin

An Elegant Oval Salver

Paul Storr

A Pierced Gallery Tray

Mappin & Webb

A Silver-Gilt Tazza

Anthony Nelme

A Fine Silver Tazza

William Lukin I

An Impressively Ornate Tray

Stephen Smith