Richard Sibley

( 1836 )

Son of John Sibley of Bath in the County of Somerset goldsmith deceased, apprenticed to Fendall Rushworth of Carey Lane London 2 November 1785 and turned over the same day to Daniel Smith of Bartholemew Close Citizen and Merchant Taylor again 2 March 1791 to Robert Sharp Citizen and Goldsmith. Free, 2 October, 1793. Livery, June 1811. First mark entered as plateworker, in partnership with Thomas Ellerton, 14 November 1803. Address: 14 Bartholemew Close. Second mark alone, 11 March 1805, same address. Third mark, in partnership with William Burwash, 7 October 1805, same address. Fourth mark, alone again, 13 July 1812. Address: 30 Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell. His various apprentices included the son of William Burwash in 1806. His work whether alone or in partnership is of a high standard of design and execution in a restrained key of Regency taste.