John Sutton

Son of Thomas Sutton of Brignelt in the County of York gentleman, apprenticed to John Winterton 8 February 1661. Free, 19 February 1668. Livery, September 1674. Warden 1696, 1701, 1703. Prime Warden, 1707. His mark is the first entered in the largewrokers' book started April 1697, and is awarded the distinction of a large ornamental script as 'present Touchwarden', 15 April 1697. Address: Lombard Street. Heal records show him as platewroker, parish of St. Mary Woolnoth, 1674-1707. The register of that church contain entries for the burial of Ann, daughter of John Sutton, goldsmith, 25 January 1680, and the baptisms of two sons, John and Thomas and three daughters Sarah and two further Anns, from 1683 to 1693. Sutton was signatory of the Committee Report on the present state of the Goldsmiths' Company, 29 April 1708, towards the end of his year as Prime Warden, when he was about sixty.