Thomas Gilpin

Son of Robert Gilpin late of Hockliff in the County of Bedford innholder deceased, apprenticed to John Wells 7 January 1720 on payment of £40. Freedom unrecorded. Mark entered as smallworker, 24 September 1730. 'Goldsmith at ye Acorn in ye Strand'. Second mark as largeworker, with third mark accompanying it, 2 July 1739. Address: 'Lincoln's Inn Back Gate'. This Heal expands to Serle Street, next door to Will's Coffee-house, where he succeeded Gilbert Langley, 1731-73. He appears as goldsmith, Serle Street, Lincoln's Inn; in the Parl. Report list 1773. His son Richard was apprenticed as an engraver to John Fielding, Citizen and Goldsmith, 1 July 1767. At his best, Gilpin is an extremely accomplished exponent of the rococo style. He is well represented by candlesticks and tureens in the collection at Althorpe.