Joseph Preedy

Son of the Rev. Benjamin Preedy of St. Albans in the County of Hertford clerk, apprenticed to Thomas Whipham 2 October 1765 and turned over 9 June 1766 to William Plummer of Gutter Lane goldsmith, Citizen and Clothworker on consideration of £21. Free, 4 August 1773 as plateworker. First mark entered as plateworker, 3 February 1777. Address: Westmoreland Buildings, Aldersgate Street. Second mark, in partnership with William Pitts, 11 January 1791. Address: Litchfield Street, St. Ann's, 3 August 1795. The partnership was apparently dissolved by 21 December 1799 when Pitts entered a single mark. Third mark alone, 20 January 1800. Address: 8 Great Newport Street. Heal records all the above addresses and dates, and also Preedy alone in Litchfield Street in 1791, the year of the commencement of the partnership with Pitts.