Samuel Hennell

( 1778 )

Son of Robert Hennell I, born 1778. Free by patrimony, 2 December 1800. First mark entered, as third partner to his father and brother David II, 5 January 1802. Address: 11 Foster Lane. Second mark, with Robert Hennell only, 28 October 1802. Third mark, alone, 22 June 1811, same address. Fourth mark, in partnership with John Terry, 6 April 1814. Apparently this partnership terminated by 27 July 1816, when a move to 8 Aldermanbury Postern is entered, again under the first entry for Samuel's separate mark. Moved again to 8 Charles Street, Goswell Street, 19 September 1816. Back to Foster Lane, 7 August 1817. To 5 Snowhill, 18 May 1818. Samuel's son Robert George, born between 1800 and 18010, began a separate business as jeweller, Southampton Street, 1835, but no mark appears to have been entered by him, although Jackson attributes one R G H, appearing on communion cups of 1844 at St. George's, Bloomsbury. Samuel Hennell's 1811 mark should be distinguished from those of Solomon Hougham working at the same time.