John Hugh Le Sage

Son of Hugues Le Sage late of the parish of St. Martin in the Fields gentleman deceased, apprenticed to Lewis Cuney (q.v.) 7th May 1708. Free, 25th September 1718. (The appearance of the name in the Denization List, 15th April 1693, must refer to an older man (? cousin), probably the same as the Jean le Sage whose daughter Jeanne was baptized, 17th August 1712, at Threadneedle Street Church). First mark entered as largeworker, 11th October 1718. Address: Little St. Martin's Lane, near Long Acre. Second (Sterling) mark, 26th July 1722. Address: Corner of Great Suffolk Street. 'Free Goldsmith'. Married Judith Decharmes, 'tous deux de la par. de St. Martin des Champs, Liberte de Westminister', at Hungerford Market Church, 10th April 1725. Third and fourth marks, 25th June 1739. Address: Great Suffolk Street, near ye Haymarket. Livery, April 1740. Heal records him as above till 1743, but with addition of Old Street, 1722. Listed by Evans as Huguenot (Hug. Soc. Proc., 14, p. 543). Subordinate Goldsmith to the King (Major General H.W.D. Sitwell, 'The Jewel House and the Royal Goldsmiths', Arch. Journ., CXVII, p. 155). The occurrence of the name as Overseer in 1718, quoted by W. H. Manchee ('Huguenot London', Hug. Soc. Proc., 13, p. 70) probably refers to the Jean le Sage referred to above, married in 1712.