Hunt & Mortimer

Chronology of firm: Storr & Co. (1819-22), Storr & Mortimer (1822-1838), Hunt & Mortimer (1839-1843), Hunt & Roskell (1843-1897), acquired by J.W. Benson 1889, Hunt & Roskell Ltd. (1897-c.1965). J.S. Hunt was admitted into the partnership, but the firm continued as Storr & Mortimer until Storr's retirement on 31st December 1838. Trading thereafter as Hunt & Mortimer, the partners were John Samuel Hunt, his son John Hunt, both of whom, representing the firm, are recorded at 17 (26) Harrison Street, Gray's Inn Road, and John Mortimer. Upon the latter's retirement on 26th December 1843, the style of the firm was changed to Hunt & Roskell, listed at 156 New Bond Street and at their manufactory at 26 Harrison Street as silversmiths and jewellers to her Majesty.