Benjamin Laver

Son of John Laver late of Somerton in the County of Somerset cordwainer deceased, apprenticed to Thomas Heming 4 October 1751. Free, 5 December 1764. His first mark was presumably entered in the missing largeworker's volume of 1758-73, although there seems no surviving examples of marks at this date which might be his. His son William was apprenticed to him, 7 December 1774, when Laver is described as large plateworker of New Bond Street, and Heal records him here from 1769-79, and St. George's, Hanover Square. His second son, Thomas, was apprenticed to him, 4 October 1780. What seems likely is that Laver may have been working in a similar relationship to and for Thomas Heming as the Crespells did for Parker and Wakelin. First (recorded) mark entered as plateworker, 20 December 1781. Address: Barlows Mews, Bruton Street, near Bond Street. Second mark, 8 September 1782. Third mark, 1 July 1789. Address: Bruton Street, Bond Street. Heal finally records him at 4 Bruton Street, Berkeley Square, 1783-1800. What little plate has survived bearing Laver's mark shows a good standard.