Matthew Cooper I

Son of William Cooper late of Newport Pagnell in the County of Buckingham yeoman, apprenticed to Robert Cooper 20 January 1693 'as from Christmas last' for eight years. Turned over 19 May 1693 to Joseph Bird. Free, 21 April 1702. First mark entered as largeworker, 2 May 1702. Address: Foster Lane. Livery October 1708. Signatory as 'working goldsmith' to the petition complaining of the competition of 'necessitious strangers', 1 December 1711, and to that against assaying work of foreigners not having served seven years apprenticeship, February 1716. Second (Sterling) mark, 13 July 1720. Son Robert apprenticed to him, 15 July 1725. Bankrupt, December 1731, still in Foster Lane. His mark usually found on candlesticks, as it that of his master Joseph Bird. Heal records him in Foster Lane from 1699 and as insolvent in 1738, either a second occasion or misprint for above. He was churchwarden of St. John Zachary in 1713.