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Philip Garden

Philip Garden son of John Garden late Citizen and Draper of London deceased, apprenticed to Gawen Nash 4 February 1730 on payment of £5 of the charity of Christ's Hospital London. Free, 3 October 1738. Mark entered as smallworker, 12 June 1738. Address: Gutter Lane. 'Free of Goldsmiths'. Second mark as largeworker, 23 June 1739. Third, 12 March 1744. Address: St. Paul's Churchyard. Livery, September 1746. Fourth mark, 29 October 1748. Fifth, 18 April 1751. Heal records him as Phillips Garden, working goldsmith and jeweller, Gutter Lane, 1739; and at the Golden Lion, North side of St. Paul's Churchyard, 1739-1762 when bankrupt, and states he was succeeded by John Townsend in the latter year. Resigned from Livery, 9 December 1763. Phillips Garden, goldsmith Marylebone, appears in the Parl. Report List 1773. Henry Garden, son of Phillip Garden, goldsmith of St.Paul's Churchyard was admitted to St.Paul's School (almost alongside his father's shop), 7 April 1749, aged nine. At his best Garden is an admirable exponent of the rococo style.