Richard Rugg

Son of Richard Rugg late of Limington in the County of Somerset husbandman deceased, apprenticed to James Gould 10 January 1738 on payment of £25. Free, 3 September 1746. First mark entered as largeworker, 30 May 1754. Address: Caroline Court, Saffron Hill. Moved to Clerkenwell Green, 15 July 1754. Appears as plateworker, St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, in the Parl. Report list 1773. Second mark as plateworker, 18 March 1775. Address: St. John Square. Heal records the Saffron Hill address and date, and St. John's Square, 1766-75. His son Richard was apprenticed to his father 2 November 1763, free 7 November 1770. Livery, December 1771, and died between 1795 and 1801. It has in the past been considered impossible to distinguish between the marks of Rugg and Robert Rew (q.v.). The size of the only similar mark which each entered is, however, so widely different from the other that there need be no doubt in the matter.