John Swift

Son of Anthony Swift late of St. Olave's Southwark in the County of Surrey merchant taylor deceased, apprenticed to Thomas Langford 6 March 1718 on payment of £20. Turned over 6 April 1719 to William Paradise and again 9 May 1723 to Thomas Serle in Gutter Lane. Free 10 June 1725. Married Margaret Gray of St. Olave, Silver Street, 14 November 1725 at St Ben't, Paul's Wharf, when Swift 'of St. Vedast als. Foster Bachelor'. First mark entered as smallworker, undated, between May and October 1728. Address: Staining Lane. 'Goldsmith'. Second mark as largeworker, 29 June 1739. Address: Noble Street. Third mark (small size), 18 July 1757. Fourth, 22 August 1757. Livery, march 1758. Heal records him as plateworker, Noble Street, near Goldsmiths' Hall, 1728-73, but the latter date presumably refers to his son John who was apprenticed to him 15 June 1750 and who died before 1796. The entry John Swift, plateworker, Noble Street, in the Parl. Report List 1773 does not clarify the problem as to when the son succeeded his father nor is there the entry of any mark for the son. Swift's work appears mostly to have been hollow-ware, tankards, coffeepots and teapots with an attractive repertoire of rococo and Chinoiserie motifs.