Henry Nutting

Son of William Nutting late of Wormley in the apprenticed to Charles Wright of Ave Maria Lane London Citizen and Goldsmith 3 July 1782 on payment of £50. Turned over to Thomas Chawner of Ave Maria Goldsmith 4 February 1784. Free, 6 January 1790. First mark entered as plateworker, 9 April 1796. Address: 38 Noble Street, Foster Lane. Second mark, in partnership with Robert Hennell II (q.v.), 17 June 1808, same address. His son Henry was apprenticed to him 3 August 1808. The latter, rather than his father is presumably the Henry Nutting of Potters Bar Middlesex gentleman whose son John William was apprenticed, 5 October 1825, to William Simms mathematical instrument maker.