Edmond Tetard

( 1860 - 1901 )

Tetard Freres - famed for their elegant, traditional stylings and legendary quality. As "Silversmith to the King," Tetard Freres has been France's premier supplier of fine silver to the French Aristocracy since its founding in in 1880 by Edmond Tetard (1860-1901). In 1889, Edmond Tetard participated in the Universal Exposition and received a gold medal for his outstanding designs and premier quality silver products. The firm specializes in sterling silver flatware sets and tableware products in the style of Louis XV. In 1901 the firm was put under the control of Edmonds' three sons - Henri, Jacques and Georges. From 1920 the firm produced exemplary silver pieces following the designs of Valery Bizouard (1875-1945) and Louis Tardy (1881-1978) - known for their creations of the avant-gards. In the International Colonial Exhibition of 1931, the Tetard Brothers won "un palmares exceptional" - a stunning 10 medals were awarded for their outstanding creations in sterling silver.