John Edward Terrey

No record of apprenticeship. Free of the Vinter’s Company by patrimony, 3 June 1812. Address: City of London Tavern, presumably that of his father, an innkeeper. That this freedom refers to this maker is proved by his appearing as silversmith of Hatton Garden, Citizen and Vintner, in the turn-over to him of William Morris, 7 March 1821. First mark entered as plateworker in partnership with Samuel Hennell, 6 April 1814. Address: Foster Lane. Second mark alone as platworker, 26 Hanuary 1816. Address: Fister Lane. Moced to Hatton Garden, 9 May 1819. Third mark, 3 October 1828. Fourth mark, 18 February 1835. His last mark was withdrawn and defaced on 9 October 1848 probably the date of retirement or death.