Bautte & Cie

The company specialized in watchmaking and was founded by Jean François Bautte (1772-1837) who went into partnership with J. G. Moynier. In 1831 Moynier set up his own company and his J. F. Bautte continued by himself until 1837 when his son also J. F. Bautte went into partnership with Jean Samuel Rossel. The company continued until 1855 when it became Rossel-Bautte et Cie and in 1860 it became Rossel et fils. The firm of Moulinié, Bautte & Moynier was one of the most important watchmakers and jewellers in Geneva during the first quarter of the 19th century. The founding partner, Jean-Francois Bautte, was born in Geneva in 1772. He was apprenticed at the age of twelve and trained in the many skills of the watchmaker and jeweller. Highly talented, he was working alone by the age of twenty and established a factory in Geneva with a reputation for producing exquisite novelty items such as musical boxes and singing birds incorporating watches and clocks with precious metals and enamels. In 1793 Bautte formed a partnership with Jacques-Dauphin Moulinié and the firm became Moulinié & Bautte. In 1804 they were further joined in partnership by Jean-Gabriel Moynier and became Moulinié, Bautte & Cie until 1808 when they became Moulinié, Bautte & Moynier through to 1826.