Robert Smythier

Robert Smythier was born in Gloucestershire. Firstly apprenticed to the plateworker Henry Greenaway, he gains his freedom in 1660. His brother William was apprenticed to Thomas Vyner, a silversmith with Royal connections who later became Lord Major of London. In 1660 Robert joined the Goldsmiths' Company Committee instituted to consider the abuses in the trade, becoming an active member of the Company. He had been appointed to the Livery in 1647 and, in 1682 served as a "Paying Rentor". of the two Renter Wardens, this was the preferred post, as it was much easier to pay the rents owed by the Goldsmiths' Company to a few major landlords, rather than collect those owing from a myriad of tenants. In 1688 he became a member of the Court of Assistant. Robert died in November 1689, the year in which his widow registered her mark on the Mark Plate.