Maison Sabbadini is a renown Italian jeweller, though the company started in Spain in the early 1900s with diamond importer Alberto Esquenazi. On leaving Spain in the 1940s, he journeyed to Milan where he partnered with his son-in-law Bruno Sabbadini and thus the Sabbadini brand was born. Together they established a business dealing in high-quality precious stones and particularly emeralds and rubies from India, New York, and Belgium. In 1967, sole management of the company was passed to Bruno’s son, Alberto Sabbadini, and thenceforth the brand began to change in response to Alberto’s more experimental sensibilities but without sacrifice to the brands core belief of continuity, creativity, and credibility forming the foundation of their identity. Only the highest quality diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are used in Sabbadini works; their design concepted to best enhance the precious stones used. It’s success as a business that has assured its longevity through to today is a testament to its capabilities of adapting to the changing times while remaining innovative. With every coming decade, Sabbadini continued to offer is expanding clientele a variety of designs which would stand the test of time as symbols of true sophistication.