John Wakelin & William Taylor

Taylor, William (1764) Son of William Tayler Citizen and Leatherseller of London, apprenticed to John Eaton 6 February 1765 and turned over the same day to his father. Free, I April 1772. First mark entered as plateworker, in partnership with John Wakelin, 25 September 1776. Address: Panton Street. Second mark, 9 May 1777. Heal records them as John Wakelin and William Taylor (successors to Parker and Wakelin), goldsmiths, Panton Street, 1776– 96. The latter spelling of the surname is normally now used but both the clerk's entry and signature are spelt Tayler. This partnership constituted the fourth link in the connection between George Wickes and Robert Garrard. Taylor died 29 July 1792: 'At Stockwell Surrey after a lingering illness Mr Wm. Taylor goldsmith of Panton Street' (The Gentleman's Magazine, p. 575 and European Magazine, p. 480).