Charles Johnston Hill

The foundation of Catch Pole & Williams, the well-known firm of retail jewellers and silversmiths appears to date from c.1832 when, Purse junior and James Catchpole are first listed at 120 Regent Street. The partnership came to an end c.1835 after which James Catchpole continued at the same address at first alone and then in partnerships with Charles Williams, trading as Catchpole & Williams. Following the dissolution of this partnership on 4th June 1846, at which time they were described as goldsmiths and jewellers, James Catchpole removed to 40 Conduit Street, Regent Street, where his firm remained until c.1865, latterly styled James Catchpole & Son. Having broken with Catchpole, Charles Williams, trading as Charles Williams & Co, moved to 223 Oxford Street where he succeeded to the business of William Williams. The firm advertised soon afterwards as '(late Catchpole and Williams), Silversmiths and Jewellers, 223, Oxford-street, three doors west of Portman Street. A large assortment of Second-hand Silver Plate and Sheffield Plated Goods for sale. Plate lent on hire. The style of the firm was changed c.1872 to Charles Williams, C.J. Hill & Co, otherwise Williams & Hill, upon the introduction into the partnership of Charles Johnston Hill. The partnership between Charles Williams, who died early in 1874, his brother Henry Richard Williams and C.J. Hill, described as jewellers and goldsmiths, was formally dissolved on 4th April 18746. Thereafter the firm was continued by Charles Johnston Hill at 223 Oxford Street, W (19.8.1880), where in 1878 he and Catchpole & Williams are listed as goldsmiths, silversmiths and diamond merchants. C.J. Hill and Catchpole & Williams were subsequently at 510 Oxford Street, W, where by 1894 they are listed as goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewellers, pearl and diamond merchants and dealers in second-hand plate. After Hill's death aged 68 on 6th August 1895, the business at 510 Oxford Street was converted into a limited liability company under the style of Catchpole & Williams Ltd.