Francis Boone Thomas

Besides Richard Sibley, who is noted to have supplied many items of silver to the firm between about 1847 and 1875 (for example a tea kettle on stand, London, 1847/49, and a pair of pepperettes, London, 1875), Thomas's sold work from the following manufacturing silversmiths: George Angell (a salver, London, 1852); Francis Higgins (a silver-gilt paper knife, London, 1860); C.T: & G. Fox (a silver-gilt replica of an apostle spoon, maker's mark of George Fox, London, 1862, with five others, maker's mark of Richard Sibley, London, 1864-66, in fitted case with impressed case makers' mark H&B incuse for Harker & Bettridge; a large trophy tankard, G. Fox, London, 1865; and a five-piece Teniers' pattern tea & coffee set, G. Fox London, 1890-92); Alexander Macrae (twelve soup plates, London 1869); Edward Barnard & Sons (six salt cellars, maker’s mark of j & E. Barnard, London, 1871); Jackson & Chase and John Henry Rawlins ( a massive tankard in Scandinavian style, London, 1893). They also noted to have retailed an electroplated dessert canteen manufactured by Elkington, Mason & Co in 1853/54. Private addresses: Francis Boone Thomas, The Hall, Bushey, Hertfordshire, in 1899; Charles Henry Townley, Riseholm, Purley, Surrey; John William Thomas, 172 Belsize Road, South Hampstead, NW.