Eustachius Rijnard De Jonge

( 1662 - 1739 )

Maker's mark: 'ION//GE' in a crowned contoured shield: Born 1662, possibly in Maarssen his parents were Johannes de Johannes de Jongh (pastor in Maarssen) and Cornelia van Scherpenzeel. He was apprenticed 1679, possibly with Hendrick van Rijswijck. He was made master before or in 1688 and was married on 6th Aug 1688 with Bartha van Rijswijck. She died on March 11, 1726. His address is recorded in 11th October 1701. Eustachius R. de Jonge buys a house on the corner of Donkere Gaard as a master silversmith; the house name is "Het Wittebroodskind"; bought from Marinus van Verre and Maria de Jong (sister), living in Zierikzee. He death is recorded 25th November, 1739, as a jeweller and master silversmith. The father was Johannes de Johannis de Jongh, preacher in Maarssen, serving from 23rd March 23, 1651 and died there in August 1669. The father of this pastor was a Jan Janss. de Jongh in Utrecht. He may have been a rudder ditch maker in Utrecht in 1670. Bartha's father was the silversmith Hendrick van Rijswijck, who married Jannichje van Borculo on April 23, 1663. In the year 1663 he was also admitted to the guild as a silversmith. The sister of Eustachius is Maria de Jong. On 11th February 1679 he makes a will as the widow of an Abraham de Swaan. She has a half brother Johannes de Swaan.